AGENDA ITEM: The Human Genome Project

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committe is one of the six main committees of United Nations General Assembly.  It aims to protect human rights and put into practice the fundamental rights of people all around the world. 

In this conference we are issueing the human genome project. The main goals of the Human Genome Project was first articulated in 1989 by a special committee of the U.S National Academy of Sciences. In 1990, the initial planning stage was completed with the publication of a joint research plan, “Understanding Our Genetic Inheritance: The Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project is a project that can solve many diseases but there are risks involved. As a result of these works, there is a danger of new diseases coming into existence, even though the diseases that are the problem nowadays disappear. In addition, these genes are manipulated to create perfect humans.  But the creation of the perfect human is not mathematically justified. So the resarches are ongoing.