AGENDA ITEM: Armageddon War

In crisis committees, the actions the delegates take directly affect each update and influence the eventual end result of the committee. That’s how the refreshing, thrilling atmosphere generates. In the committee, you will experience fast-paced situations in which you will ponder but get the fun out of it. In this conference, we are simulating the Armageddon War. Technology has improved. Humankind has evolved and is coming to an end. What would happen at the end of the world? Would there still be countries arising? Armageddon war is the answer to all of your questions. The Battle of Armageddon is the great battle, mentioned in Revelation, that takes place in the last days before the new heaven and the new earth. There is much talk today in prophetic circles about the battle of Armageddon. Many are saying that the battle is near at hand and that it will be a terrifying day for the world, perhaps a nuclear holocaust and much else.