Secretary General’s Message

As the Secretary General, it is my great honor to welcome you to CoCoMUN’20. On behalf of all of our teams, I would like to say that we are thrilled and happy to be approaching our conference.

In this century, when countries attack each other with the ambition of power, wars become too much to count, human rights are ignored by other people, nature is driven to an end; we think that the important thing is not to close our eyes, to shout when our voice is enough.

Our goal as the academic department is to create an active learning environment where delegates have the opportunity to reason, debate and collaborate with other delegates. 

By the end of the three-day conference, our hope is that delegates feel accomplished in their efforts to propose solutions to international issues.

In line with this goal, all the teams of our conference have been working for months to please you, and will continue to work from now on.

I conclude my words with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s “Peace in home, Peace in the World.”

See you on April 9-10-11.


Meryem Asya Sarıcı

Secretary General of CoCoMUN’20